3 Countertop Edge Styles That Work Best in Small Kitchens


It is the small details that make a kitchen unique. Each choice intersects to craft the end product — and as many who’ve endured a kitchen remodel know, the small selections may be agonizing. Picking an edge profile for the countertops is one of those selections.


The focal point of the kitchen


Most folks think kitchen countertop edges do not matter and pick an edge for a kitchen remodel based solely on impulse or personal preference. One caveat with this process of selection is that inside small kitchens, extremely decorative edges may create the illusion of less space by drawing your eye to the countertop edge as the focal point of the kitchen instead of to the overall look of the kitchen.


Stone Edge Countertops


Whether you are installing a laminate, solid, or stone surface, these three edge styles are going to prevent this issue and serve you well, aesthetically and functionally. They’re easy to clean because they’ll lack the grooves in fancier styles which may collect food crumbs and dust. In addition, the single bevel appears as if you spent a load of money on your kitchen although, depending upon the material of the countertop, the cost often is comparable with the double-eased.




Bullnose is a rounded, smooth edge cut which gracefully enhances any material of countertop. The curved design will add a dash of elegance to small kitchens without having to overwhelm the styles or color of the wall, counter, floors, cabinet, furniture, or appliances. In addition, the Bullnose appears as if you broke the bank, but depending upon the countertop material, the price often is compared to the double-eased.


Single Bevel


It’s a square edge cut alongside the top at a more or less than 45° angle. The slight decoration and straight lines add a dash of elegance to small kitchens without overwhelming the styles or color of the furniture, appliances, floors, cabinet, wall, or counter. Also, the single bevel appears as if you spent a ton of money on your kitchen though, depending on the material of the countertop, the price often is compared with the double-eased.


Eased Edge


Eased edge styles are somewhat ‘softened’ squares that alleviate that sharp, hard, edges usually seen on laminate countertops. Even though the eased edge style does not detract from small kitchens. As a matter of fact, it’ll actually add an upscale appearance to small kitchens and will complement modern designs which incorporate oddly shaped or thin counters, as well as hidden counter extensions you pull out when additional meal or work space is needed.


Consult with a countertop expert


Like any kitchen remodel, it’s vital to consult a countertop expert to determine the proper kitchen space style and theme so that one month after installing you aren’t wondering what possessed you to choose a certain countertop edge style.


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