21 Nov All Kinds of Kitchens!


Kitchens are like people. You might think that’s a pretty strange claim; they’re not organic, they don’t breathe, they don’t have a nervous system. They’re not sentient in any recognizable way, they don’t have language; okay, so kitchens aren’t really like people. But they’re used by people, and there are all kinds of people, so there are all kinds of different kitchens! They’re also full of food and love. So they’re kind of like people. Let’s focus on all the different kinds.

The most basic kitchen is the one-wall kitchen; this is the kitchen you get when you really don’t have space for a kitchen. The name says it all here; the appliances are all on one wall, including the sink, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The biggest advantage of this kitchen layout is how much space it saves; it’s the most condensed type you can get. There’s a lack of movement efficiency here, as the much-lauded kitchen work triangle is gone. Some folks opt to use an island near the wall, in order to create a type of galley kitchen, which we’ll get into…

Now! The galley kitchen is like a one-wall kitchen, except you double the walls. As the old saying goes, “Double the walls, double the space for built-in appliances and countertops!”. While I may have made that saying up, it rings true; with a galley kitchen, you can create a kitchen triangle, often with the stove on one wall and the sink and fridge at 45 degree angles from it on the opposite wall. The extra space for cabinets is another added perk.

As you can probably imagine, we’re going to keep adding walls as this goes on. The next kitchen type is the “L-shaped” kitchen, and this is where the cooking really starts heating up. Instead of having two parallel walls like in the galley style, the L shaped kitchen has perpendicular walls and cabinets that meet up. This allows for some efficient kitchen triangling, while still maintaining a large space in the middle that can be occupied by a table, kitchen cabinet, or chatty house dwellers who want to smell what’s on the menu.

Add another line to an L and you get a U, and those of you with great predictive abilities will have guessed that that’s what next. The U shaped kitchen has two parallel walls of cabinets and appliances adjoined by a perpendicular wall of the same. This maximizes counter and cabinet space, but you need a fairly large kitchen to pull it off; if you put an island in your U (or horseshoe, as it’s sometimes called), you’ll have enough surface space to feed a small army.

All of these styles of kitchen benefit from solid countertops; Calgary quartz countertops are durable, no matter what shape of kitchen you have. That’s largely because kitchen shapes don’t affect the durability of countertops, and because quartz is a generally durable material; it also comes in tons of colours and patterns, and can be installed in almost any shape! Star-shaped kitchens next? Who knows! It’s all up to you.


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