03 Dec Bathroom Remodel for Less

A bathroom remodel is always tempting; design trends have made our bathrooms a place of serenity, second only to the bedroom. We see calming colours, elaborate jacuzzi tubs, beautiful fixtures and comforting decor; all of this can make our own quaint looking bathrooms seem, well, less than. A whole bathroom remodel can be quite expensive, though; tearing out the plumbing is prohibitive for most people, and a new bath and shower can cost dizzying prices. Fortunately, there are some minor changes you can make to your bathroom without breaking the budget.

The first step is to look for places you can repair and refinish instead of replacing. Should your bathtub have some blemishes, you might be tempted to run out and get one of those jacuzzi tubs; those will eat your entire remodel budget, though, and they’re probably unnecessary. Instead, you can get your bathtub or shower refinished by a professional who will sand it down and apply a new finish; there are also liners that can be placed on your bathtub in order to cover the blemishes.

A fresh coat of paint can also do absolute wonders to a bathroom; if your paint is peeling, go ahead and repaint for a low cost improvement to the place. Here, you should opt to paint yourself instead of hiring a professional, if you’re comfortable with that; professional services are often going to be the most expensive element of a remodel. On this very same note, if you want to install a new toilet, you can probably use YouTube tutorials to do it yourself; again here, the toilet won’t be nearly as expensive as the person you’re hiring to install it.

If your walls are looking dingy and banged up, you can consider installing wainscot or another prefabricated material to cover it. With the walls, the tub or any other substance you’re considering refinishing or covering, it’s always worth evaluating the quality of the surface you’re covering. If the tub is leaking out the sides, and the walls are covered in mold, covering up is the worst thing you can possibly do; the underlying issues are still there, and they’ll keep causing problems.

Budgeting, then, is the most important part of a successful bathroom remodel. You should carefully consider what needs to be done and what you want to have done. You might need to replace the floors, but you probably just want them to be heated. You might need to replace the tub, but want a jacuzzi; focus on need first, and wants later. Make the necessary repairs and replacements before opting for style; form follows function in a bathroom design, or any other great design.

Once you’ve got your budget figured out, and for the savings you’ll get, you might consider quartz countertops in Vancouver; they’re incredibly durable, so you’ll be able to keep them around even if you have several more redesigns over the years. Happy designing!

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