The Colors Of Urban Crush. 4 New Silestone Colors!

October 2, 2023

The Colors Of Urban Crush. 4 New Silestone Colors!



Feel the heartbeat of the city. Enjoy every moment, every color, every texture. Fill your home with energy. Create spaces that tell stories. Leave your mark in a cleaner, more humane, more conscious way.

  • Concrete Pulse
  • Lime Delight
  • Brass Relish
  • Cinder Craze


Concrete Pulse

ONE, Downtown hero

Its greyish tone, inspired by the concrete of the city, is perfect for eclectic interiors full of contrasts.

The grey tone of Concrete Pulse is perfect for eclectic interiors where it helps to create a vibrant show of contrasts.

Lime Delight

TWO, Light up the town

Lime Delight’s textured beige base evokes the glow of Marbella’s famous limestone.

The textured beige tones of Lime Delight are a versatile base for any interior countertops design, from calm and pure spaces to more unexpected proposals. Its bright warm shades bring to mind the radiance of the famous Marbella limestone.

Brass Relish

THREE, Soft metallic touch

A coppery brown shade that pays homage to fine-grained sandstones and plays perfectly with modern vintage colors, textures and décor.

The grained brown of Brass Relish embodies finely-grained sandstone. ​It blends seamlessly with the colors and design elements of modern vintage style.


Cinder Craze

FOUR, Starry night

This modern reinterpretation of black sandstone combines the nuances of its dark grainy structure with the luminosity of the white shell veins.

It is a modern reinterpretation of black sandstone. It combines grain and dark accents with white shell veins. This tone will perfectly match natural materials, textures as well as bold contrasting colors.​

Produced through a more sustainable process. Urban Crush, with HybriQ+ Technology®.

Image number 159 of the current section of Silestone Urban Crush in Cosentino Canada
  1. Less than 40% crystalline silica
  2. 99% reused water
  3. 100% Renewable electric energy
  4. Minimum 20% recycled materials