A $77 Million Facility with a WOW Factor

December 8, 2015

A $77 Million Facility with a WOW Factor










The University of Victoria’s CARSA Building – Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities – opened in May 2015. At more than 190,000 sq ft, it is as large as three football fields. It is a world-class venue providing state-of-the-art training, recreation, research, and learning facilities. FLOFORM won a tender to equip this high profile facility with DuPont Corian to the tune of:

  • 1,300 square feet of countertops
  • 2,000 linear feet of window sills
  • Vanities, desks and counters in a VIP lounge

FLOFORM worked with Willis, a DuPont supplier, to submit a proposal to show that Corian would be the ideal surface for both countertops and window sills based on it’s stain-proof properties, ease of seaming and ability to handle moisture based on proximity to the windows.

“The facility has a WOW factor. Most people can’t believe that you can go 30 feet without a seam,” says Ron Mahoney, Operations Manager at FLOFORM Victoria. “You can do all kinds of things with Corian.”