Boring is Better

January 29, 2016

Boring is Better

We’ve all seen the ‘reality’ home renovation shows that fill a kitchen remodel with twists and turns as the drama builds up until the big reveal. That’s exciting, no doubt. But it’s not how you want your home renovation project to turn out. Boring is better in kitchen renos and here’s why.













First of all, it’s important to understand that properly planned renovations are boring. There is no excitement because everything is well planned and therefore everyone knows what to expect. You can help yourself tremendously by partnering with a professional, experienced and reputable contractor who will work with you to plan out your project. According to the CMHC, its common to pay a 15% deposit or more when you sign a contract; never give all the money upfront!

Another reoccurring theme in the ‘reality’ tv shows is the ongoing bickering and disagreements between couples. He wants a sleek modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, while she wants something more traditional with wood finishes. These types of disagreements can be completely avoided with some upfront conversations with one another. And while that doesn’t make for good tv, it does make for a good renovation.














Finally, the process of condensing a month-long (or longer) project into 42 minutes of television requires that a lot of footage be left on the cutting room floor. These ‘reality’ tv shows tell the story they want you to see, not necessarily the story of the renovation.

Much like air travel, a boring flight is a good flight. Aiming for a kitchen reno that is well planned and absent of surprises may be boring, but sometimes boring is better.