Choosing a Backsplash and Counter

March 28, 2018

Choosing a Backsplash and Counter

Designing your kitchen is a highly personal experience that must account for all of your tastes and preferences. Your backsplash and counter can lend a lovely aesthetic to your kitchen, but you also need them to serve a practical purpose. This makes selecting the right material extremely important for the daily use of your kitchen space.



The first and most important step to choosing a new backsplash and counter is to figure out what you need. Every home has a unique set of preferences that they will need in their home to make it fully functional and easy to live in. Before you can even dive into the research about which materials will work best for your home, you need to ask yourself a few of these questions to help guide your decision-making.


Will you be preparing food right on the countertops?


Most homeowners start looking for the perfect countertop and backsplash material by examining the different stone options available. Unfortunately, stones like granite are extremely porous and can absorb all of the substances and bacteria inherent in your food prep. Setting raw meat on the counter could lead to the granite absorbing the bacteria in the food and passing it along to the next item you set down on the counter. In contrast, Cambria quartz countertops are completely food-safe.


How much maintenance do you want to do?


The amount of maintenance you are willing to commit to can easily determine which backsplash and countertop are right for you. Quartz does not need to be resealed on a regular basis but granite often needs to be resealed at least twice per year. The sealing helps to prevent stains from the inevitable spills that will land on your countertop throughout the months.


Do you want the look of natural stone or more consistent coloring?


The design of your home can also make a huge difference in the countertops or backsplash you choose. Granite countertops are completely made of natural stone, giving them an authentic look that is difficult to imitate with other materials. On the other hand, quartz countertops can give you a more consistent color. Even wooden countertops can produce more consistency in color than a granite version.


How much can you afford to spend?


It’s no secret that replacing your countertops has the potential to be extremely expensive. Considering how much you can afford to spend is a great place to start so you make sure not to get your hopes set on an item that doesn’t fit into your budget. Laminate countertops are the least expensive, followed by solid surface, quartz, and granite. Wooden countertops are often the most expensive type of counter and backsplash you can install in a home.

When it comes to choosing the right countertop and backsplash, quartz is an easily customizable material that fits in with most homes, You’re almost certain to find a style that will work with the rest of your home décor. Give Floform a call today or come by our showroom to take a look at the extensive options available for your home!