Choosing Your New Bathroom Design

May 29, 2018

Choosing Your New Bathroom Design

Remodeling your bathroom or designing a new one from scratch can be an exciting time for many homeowners. You can transform this necessary space into your own personal spa environment with just a few of the right touches. Recent surveys are showing that homeowners are more likely to spend money on certain elements of their bathrooms than ever before. The three most common areas that homeowners will improve include the shower, cabinets and vanity, and the faucets. How can choosing the right pieces from these categories help you to design the perfect bathroom?


If you’re struggling to come up with the right ideas for your new bathroom project, here are a couple ideas to get you thinking.


Give yourself some extra counter space


One of the most common complaints about a bathroom space is that you don’t enough room on the counter. You may need to keep all of your makeup, hair products, shaving creams, and more on the countertops for convenience. Why not give yourself a little extra room by spacing out the sinks and extending a gorgeous quartz countertop on each side? This can also give you the space to add a couple extra cabinets for increased storage.


Consider quartz for your shower walls


Do you hate scrubbing the grout lines on your tiled shower? It might be time for you to start thinking through some new options for solid surface walls. Some homeowners are willing to pay a little more for the convenience and beauty of installing quartz shower walls. The material holds up well to water and soap without being prone to staining. You’ll find that cleaning the bathroom is much easier when you don’t have to scrub quite so hard.


Choose an ornate countertop design


Many modern design schemes are using sleek lines and clean-cut patterns to make a statement in their bathroom. You can do something fun with the opposite idea by selecting a more ornate countertop design. Ask your quartz company about doing a detailed bevel, a fun shape around the edges, or anything else that resembles a more traditional style. This looks great with darker-colored quartz as well.


Install an elevated sink


Traditionally, the bathroom sink was intended to be relatively flush with the countertop. With the new faucets and fixtures available, you can opt for something a little more eye-catching. Look for a sink that sits above the quartz countertop with an extra-long faucet. It may be shaped like a bowl or have the cleaner lines of a square. Either way, an elevated sink could be a great feature that really sets your bathroom design apart.

You could come up with an infinite number of ideas for your new bathroom design. However, they can all benefit from premium quartz countertop surfaces. Make sure you have your design approved by an expert who knows quartz inside and out. Floform is right here to help you design the perfect oasis right in the middle of your home. Contact us today to set up your in-home consultation!