Choosing the Right Quartz Color for Your Project

May 3, 2018

Choosing the Right Quartz Color for Your Project

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of quartz colors available to you?

The beauty of your countertops can easily influence the entire room.

The look and feel of quartz countertops is part of the reason why they are the most popular kitchen option. Every designer knows that choosing the right countertops can really pull the entire room together quickly and easily.

Ultimately, you need to choose a countertop that brings together a combination of colors, textures, and patterns that makes your room feel more personal.

If you struggle to know where to start when searching for your quartz countertops, here are a few tips to help you select the perfect stone.

Decide on an overall color

The first thing you need to do is decide on an overall color that you want to highlight in your countertops.

Many people like to choose neutral shades for this, including white or black. This should be the dominant color of the quartz.

Keep in mind that this “overall” color needs to match your cabinets, paint colors, fixtures, and all of the other elements that are inherent to your kitchen.

You may have an easier time deciding on an overall color if you have basic white cabinetry.


Don’t go for matching shades

You probably have several elements competing for your attention visually.

The quartz doesn’t have to “exactly” match your cabinets and flooring. Instead, you should be focused on finding a color that complements them as opposed to an exact match.

This can keep your room from becoming uninteresting and uninviting.

Try to think of ways you can easily complement your other elements. For example, you can add a bold quartz color if everything is white and simple.

Think about veining and accent colors

It is rare to find quartz that is one solid color all over as most of the designs have natural veining or accent colors that you can bring into the kitchen.

Before you head to the showroom, make a list of the accent colors you would be open to having in your home. For example, you may be okay with dark grey veining or gold flecks in your stone.

This can help make choosing the right color a little easier when you know exactly what you want.


Bring home the samples or ask for a free in-home consultation

The lighting in your home is bound to be significantly different than the showroom lighting. This also gives you the best idea of how the colors will blend into one another.

Spend a few days holding the quartz up to your cabinets, seeing it against the tile backsplash, and looking at it next to the flooring. All of these comparisons should give you the perfect look before you settle on one specific type of quartz.

When you’re ready to take a look at the infinite quartz colors, you need to head to Floform for the best quality quartz countertops. We can bring the samples to you during an in-home consultation to help match your home with the perfect color and style of quartz countertops.


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