Classy Clean Decorating Ideas

April 3, 2018

Classy Clean Decorating Ideas

The days of cluttered designs and endless knick-knacks are long over. Many millennial homeowners are attempting a more modern aesthetic that is both classy and clean. For some, this can be a difficult transition to make from the more traditional way of decorating. However, it can definitely be a refreshing change of pace if you’re getting tired of the endless clutter on your countertops.



What are the first steps you can take today to make your home feel more updated? You can make your way toward a classy, clean decorating scheme with some of these helpful tips and suggestions.


Replace a bulky coffee table with a sleeker version


One of the simplest ways to change the focus of your room is to change out the coffee table. Get rid of traditional furniture with its ornate carvings and oversized feet. Modern design schemes look much cleaner, and they feature sleek lines and simple patterns. Look for a piece that has very simple and clean structure to it. Place a single plant on top of it or a few books, but avoid cluttering the surface of your new coffee table.


Clear off the shelves


Do you cover every surface of your home with tchotchke items that have little meaning to you? Try to weed through these belongings, selecting only the ones you truly love and want to keep. Find a storage box for the rest or simply get rid of them. Clearing off your shelves is the fastest way to create a cleaner decorating style.


Add a touch of green


No matter what your color preference is, every room can benefit from a touch of green. Bringing the outdoors into your home is the perfect way to make your space feel instantly classier and more elegant. It also adds a much-needed touch of life into a space that is clean and simple. If you don’t have a green thumb, try keeping a few succulents alive. They need very little time or attention to thrive indoors.


Keep the colors simple


Most clean designs don’t feature bold colors that are prominently on display. Most often, you will see them used in moderation. Perhaps there are a couple of brightly-colored throw pillows or a vase with the same color. The rest of the room is done in neutral shades such as white or grey. This is another classy way to keep your design feeling clean and refreshing.


Get rid of the carpet when possible 


Carpet very rarely inspires the same clean look that hardwood floors do. If you are interested in remodeling entirely, consider tearing up your old carpet in favor of something simpler. This is a more expensive upgrade, but it creates an entirely new look in your home. The natural look and feel of wood floors also lend your home the texture it needs to make it feel more inviting.


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