Color Me Happy

August 5, 2016

Color Me Happy

Color Me Happy

Remember when you were a kid and people were always asking what your favorite color was?

Well, even though we’re no longer on the playground there are still ways you can express yourself with the color that really makes you smile. Color is an easy way to perk up any room and at FLOFORM we love integrating bright hues into our countertops.

Bright, fiery and contemporary, red adds just the right pop to a modern kitchen. In this room, the red cabinets give some much needed depth to the otherwise minimal decor.

A big island in Cambria’s Cardigan Red is another way you can add some cheery red as the focal point to any kitchen.



Only have eyes for blue?

With so many different blues to choose from, the right shade can help achieve any mood you desire.

Hadley, the new deep blue from Cambria’s Desert Collection, is a beautiful design that provides a regal look to your kitchen.




Yellow is the ultimate bright color, and it is easy to overwhelm a room with its vibrancy.

We love the yellow integrated into this bathroom, as it maintains the clean look of the room, while still providing that brightness the color is known for.

Small yellow details are the best way to add a subtle and radiant accent to your space.


Yellow Bathroom

Dark hues can be just as powerful within a room as the light and bright accents.

The rich purple tones in Cambria’s Princetown provides just the right amount of color, without overpowering a room’s overall aesthetic.

The purple acts as a grounding element to the sweeping natural movement of the stone.


What’s your favorite color to work within your home?


Images credits: Architectural Digest