Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

April 3, 2018

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Have you ever wondered if custom kitchen cabinetry is really worth the price? Most homeowners love the idea of designing their own cabinets that can uniquely fit into their space, but they worry about the price compared to the cost of prefabricated cabinets. Your cabinets are one of the most expensive items you will need to put into your kitchen. Despite the cost, 31 percent of homeowners agree that the cabinetry in their kitchen is an area where they need to splurge instead of save.



If you are still trying to decide which parts of the kitchen deserve the biggest budget, take a look at a few of these top reasons why custom kitchen cabinetry is considered a must-have item.


You control the material choice


Because your cabinets are being built from scratch, you can decide exactly how you want them made. Specify a material for the outside doors and a different type of wood for the inside and shelves. Some contractors might even allow you to supply your own materials based on their measurements if you want to select specific boards and cuts of wood. This gives you the greatest influence on the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.


You know the cabinets are going to fit


Older homes tend to have odd-shaped spaces that don’t hold premade cabinets with ease. Custom kitchen cabinetry eliminates the need to worry about the fit of the cabinet in these areas. They are built on-site, so they can constantly be tested for fit before the contractor moves too far into the process. While it might seem slower upfront, you should bear in mind that a simple mistake with the fit of a cabinet could cost you weeks or months on a timeline.


Personalize the look


Do you have a very specific image of the cabinets you would like in your home? If this is something that you came up with on your own, you may have a difficult time finding it in a catalog. Custom kitchen cabinetry gives you an opportunity to share your vision and bring it to life under the skilled hands of your craftsman. You can have the exact design you envisioned with quality construction that is going to last you through the lifespan of your home.


Find responsibly-sourced materials


Perhaps purchasing local goods is important to you. Maybe you just want to know that your wood is responsibly sourced, especially if it’s an exotic species. Custom cabinetry gives you the opportunity to find out where your materials come from. You know whether the wood is recycled, reclaimed, or fresh from the rainforest. The same assurance isn’t always possible when you purchase cabinets that were premade in a catalog.

Custom kitchen cabinetry is definitely an area where you should splurge if you are interested in selecting your own materials and style. When you’re finished with this critical stage, allow Floform to help you find the premium quartz countertop surfaces that will perfectly match your new custom kitchen cabinetry.