How to Design Your Kitchen from a Color Palette

July 18, 2018

How to Design Your Kitchen from a Color Palette

Color is such a vital component of kitchen design. The color palette selected, or inadvertently end up with is going to set the tone for the personality of your kitchen. Is the color scheme of your kitchen cool or warm? Energetic and fiery, or calm and tranquil? A utilitarian food prep area or a space for socializing?


The color palette of your kitchen’s design will drive those “feelings” home for both guests and family members.


Maybe the easiest method of starting includes working with Pantone’s 2018 Spring Palette to design the colors of your kitchen, and obtain inspiration from cases of how these hues already have been utilized in designer kitchen galleries – with gorgeous results.


You will see that the Pantone palette continuously honors a nice combination of warm and cool colors, and a balance of accent and neutral hues. The visible difference in the colors for 2018 is that they are more complex, which includes dramatic, vivid color blends. That means there isn’t any need to constrain yourself to standard shades for a particular approach to design.


Below are some examples that depict how a Pantone-esque palette may be utilized to drive the design of your kitchen.


Warm with Cool Accents



In the above kitchen, the warm, rich tones of Washington-stained maple cabinetry spotlights reds and rusts (such as Pantone’s 18-1440 Chili Oil), as well as are complemented by a backsplash which includes shades similar to Harbor Mist, Sailor Blue, and Little Boy Blue.


Contemporary with Warmer Accents




These wooden sills and warm brick feature received a contemporary update through stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry. Extra pops of color come through countertop accents which bring vibrant Cherry Tomato-esque touches to the table – and do not underestimate the power of integrating exterior views – such as lush green foliage – that becomes an aspect of the design through picture windows.


Modern and Cool



The above kitchen might be a showcase for the 2018 Pantone Palette, which includes a Harbor Mist, gray foundation, pale Coconut Milk themes, and not to mention splashes of Sailor Blue on window sills. A neutral, modern, cool design forms a backdrop for all of Pantone’s dramatic and complex accents.


Colorful Décor with White Kitchen



If you have your heart set upon your favorite, bold shade, that is fine, as well. We agree with the following statement, ‘there isn’t any such thing as a bad color, just bad color combos.’ Therefore, remember that as you work with a designer. If you choose to go bold and bright, do it with an approach that forward thinking.


For instance, instead of painting cabinetry that shade, use it only as an accent for island cabinetry. Or, select a quartz slab which includes some exciting hues of choice, in order for you to use colorful accents featuring and highlighting various colors from the slab’s color mixture throughout the years. It’ll offer the best method of embracing existing trends and fun color play, without having to install expensive and/or permanent features which cannot be “undone” as you are prepared to embrace the following round of trends.


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