Diversity in Sinks

October 27, 2016

Diversity in Sinks

It may be a surprise to most but sinks are an integral part to the overall look and feel of your space. We love the diversity of styles there are to choose from and wanted to share some interesting designs for your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Here’s our take on some of our favorite looks:


The Entertainer

Kohler brings hosting to new heights with this fabulous trough style kitchen sink. We love the utility factor to this look, perfect for all your entertaining needs! Whatever the large interior is used for this style can make your kitchen a favorite gathering place for your friends and family.


The Rustic Revival

Stainless steel and a rustic kitchen? You might think the two couldn’t be more opposite but this home shows that together they produce a harmonious look for your kitchen. This gorgeous apron front sink stands out and fits in simultaneously to bring this organic kitchen into the modern age.


The Infinity Sink

Where’s the sink you may ask? Corian has tailored its subtle and contemporary Clamshell countertops to perfectly suit any modern and chic bathroom. We love the calming effect this sink provides and the overall natural feel of this bathroom.

These are some of our favorites – what are some of yours?