Get a Modern Design Choosing Black for Your Kitchen

July 3, 2018

Get a Modern Design Choosing Black for Your Kitchen


For years, many homeowners have been opting for pure white designs from the cabinets to the countertops and everything in between. A drastic shift is starting that is throwing these white kitchens from the front pages of glossy magazines though. The new trend in modern design is to choose all black for your new kitchen. These dark kitchens can look just as chic and trendy as their glossy white counterparts, but they require a little more finesse to choose the right pieces.


What are some tips that you absolutely must know before choosing a black color palette for your kitchen? Find out more about how to design the perfect black kitchen here.


Lighten it Up


Many people are tempted to do the same thing they would do with white kitchen designs. They want to choose black cabinets, countertops, islands, backsplashes, and more. Unfortunately, this same trend can’t really hold up with the darker color scheme. You have to have at least one or two major elements that invite a little bit of lightness into the space. This might mean opting for stainless steel appliances or a light gray island instead of matching black. Either way, these add a few points of visual interest and keep the room from feeling so overwhelmingly dark.


Pair Black and White


One of the easiest ways to make a darker kitchen space pop is to pair it with bright whites. Allow your black cabinets to truly stand out with white quartz countertops and white subway tile on the backsplash. This gives you the dramatic element of black kitchen cabinets without the overwhelming darkness. This style is better suited to smaller kitchens that don’t have much natural light around.


Add Natural Elements


Are you interested in making an all-black kitchen? Consider adding some natural elements to break up the darkness. Many homeowners choose to add natural wood grains into the design to break up some of the black with a warm feel. Consider using wooden cabinets, a wood island, or wooden countertops to offset the stark black cabinets. This can still be paired with a black tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances for a truly glamorous look.


Brighten the Floor


If you decide to keep everything else in your kitchen extremely dark, you need to lighten up the floor. Look for cream or white ceramic tiles that will really pop against the dark colors of your cabinets. This is an easy way to really brighten up a room. With the right lighting, it should bounce off of these tiles and make the entire room feel so much brighter and more inviting. You could also add whitewashed hardwood to add both natural elements and a brighter floor.


Designing a modern kitchen with an all-black color scheme requires a lot of careful planning. You have to choose the perfect quartz countertops in Vancouver and the rest of your design items accordingly. When you’re ready to start matching your cabinets to a beautiful quartz countertop, contact Floform for more information!