Guest Blog: Celebrating Mom

May 9, 2017

Guest Blog: Celebrating Mom

Tips for Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day

Hello everyone! We are so happy to be FLOFORM Countertops Guest Blogger today on “Countertops 101”. James River Kitchens has been working with FLOFORM for many years in Victoria, BC and has come to think of them as family.

Like FLOFORM, we love to share our design tips and tricks with you all. Today we want to share some simple tips for celebrating Mom this Mothers Day! A few easy, inexpensive and thoughtful DIY surprises for Mom that you can do right from your own kitchen!

So grab a cup of coffee and lets get started!

Did you know Mothers Day is the busiest day of the entire year for restaurants? We stress about where to take her, how long the wait will be, how much the bill will come out to and all the while she is just happy to be surrounded by the people she loves.

So, this year why not stay in and treat her to an entire day of pampering, from home! Create a spectacular spread of decadent food, treats, drinks and gifts… DIY style. A sure fire way to every Mother’s heart and the best part is, she doesn’t have anything to do with making it!


Breakfast in Bed:

Fresh Coffee | Homemade Muffins | Fresh Fruit | Fresh Flowers | Mimosa

TIP: Always clean up your mess!


The Perfect Mimosa:

Fill champagne flute 1/2 full with chilled sparkling wine. Top with freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 tbls of Grand Marnier or Triple Sec.

TIP: Create a bar cart for her to make her own cocktail and always keep the ice fresh!


Fresh Flowers, Everywhere:

How much fun would it be for Mom to have flowers in every room! The bathroom, beside her bed, in the kitchen, the living room, floating in her bubble bath… Go outside and pick some wild flowers. Depending on where you live, there are so many fresh, wild, beautiful local flowers out there in the Springtime.

TIP: Try adding some branches, twigs or herbs from the garden for that extra special touch.


Splish Splash:

If your local spa is too much for your wallet this year, create an at home spa with simple touches like candles, soft music, a decadent bar of soap and perhaps some homemade body wash or scrub for that extra little something.

TIP: Enhance her experience with flower pedals sprinkled throughout the bathtub. OR Throw her towel in the dryer before she gets out for a warm finish to her relaxing soak! If that doesn’t scream spa, I don’t know what does!

Coconut Oil Body Scrub Recipe:
¼ – ½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon citrus fruit zest (grapefruit, lemon, or orange) OR ½ teaspoon of citrus essential oil (about 50 drops)


Dinner… Keep It Simple:

Creating a homemade meal from scratch can be super fun, but some of us don’t always have the energy or time to cook from home. Keep your Mother’s Day meal simple and easy with finger foods that you know she will love.

Choose 4 or 5 of her favorites and even prepare or buy them in advance for a more relaxing day for everyone. The freezer can be your best friend in times like this!

TIP: Fold the napkins like the pros do for a fancy restaurant feel.
OR Create little signs out of paper or cardstock for each dish, to add a personal touch.

Mothers Day is just one day in which we all say a huge thank you to Mom, for everything she does day in and day out. We hope these little tips help to pamper your Mom on this very special day, and every other day too!


Guest Profile:

Maggie Felker
James River Kitchens
Victoria, BC

At James River Kitchens, our slogan isn’t only a slogan, it’s the way we truly believe in the kitchen. The heart of the home. Where everyone comes together to create, eat, laugh, share and indulge. Where memories are made to last forever. At James River, we are dedicated to creating kitchens where memories are made, with the ones we love the most. We want to thank FLOFORM Countertops again for having us as their guest blogger today and hope you all have a very happy Mothers Day!