Guest Blog: How to Create a Functional Kitchen

July 14, 2017

Guest Blog: How to Create a Functional Kitchen

Having a busy life can become overwhelming.

Utilizing the kitchen to make it the most efficient area of the home can create a balanced work area and help organize everyday chaos.

Kitchens that function in a practical manner are vital to keeping life running smoothly. Here’s the Bordeleau Custom Cabinet guide to creating a functional kitchen.

Incorporate Organizational Cabinets

Incorporating accessories into a space not only helps organize a kitchen but it also provides functionality.

Organizational cabinets eliminate the amount of items sitting on top of counters and assists with the overall flow of the kitchen. Everything becomes tidy, in place, and easy to access.

The main organizational cabinets we recommend are:

Spice racks
Pull out garbage & recycling bins
Cookie sheet dividers

Placement of Appliances

Cooktop (induction/gas/electrical)
Wall Oven
Range (gas/electrical)
Steam Oven
Refrigerator Drawer

These major appliances and your main sink form together to create a work triangle. In this work triangle the main activities of the kitchen takes place.

It is vital in a functional kitchen that no major traffic patterns cross through the work triangle.

An easy way to achieve this is to keep these major appliances no more than nine feet away from one another and no less than four feet away from one another (measured center front to center front).

***Make sure you consider the importance of ventilation when choosing your appliances.

Choose the Products that Best Suit You

When it comes to selecting products such as countertops, cabinets, lighting, paint, flooring, and backsplash, it is most beneficial to talk face to face with your contractor.

These people are experts at what they do and know all the information and details about their products.

Contractors will know how their products perform and can recommend what will best suit you and your household. With all the modern technology, aesthetics are not so much of an issue because of the endless options of colors, textures, and patterns.

What is concerning is the wear and tear as well as the durability of the product. What will please you, in the end, is the quality of your functional kitchen.

By following our guide, we hope to have made it easier to create a functional kitchen.


Mandy Davediuk
Bordeleau Custom Cabinets
Cold Lake, AB



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