Home Décor Trends in Seattle

June 7, 2018

Home Décor Trends in Seattle


Seattle is home to some of the most prominent home décor design trends in the country. This part of the nation sets the stage for many of the trends that we will see sweep across the nation just months later. In order to get a better idea of what everyone else can expect to see in the future, we must take a look at Seattle’s current home décor trends for 2018.


Staying on top of these trends is ideal for creating a beautiful and welcoming space in your home. Get ready to remodel your living spaces to incorporate some of these stylish ideas into your new design. Which ideas will work best in your house?


Adding More Colors


Gone are the days of white-washed rooms with the sterile feeling of a hospital. The modern design scheme has been flipped on its head with the introduction of bolder colors. White is no longer the top choice for paint colors as many homeowners are adding richer shades that mimic some of those found in nature. This does give your space a livelier effect that wasn’t possible with the plain white backdrop it used to have.


When it comes to the colors that people are choosing, homeowners prefer to pair neutrals with rich oranges, reds, and yellows. They typically have the dark hues and undertones that allow them to appear more neutral and to date themselves less quickly.


Incorporating Patterns


Patterns are starting to rise in popularity once again in everything ranging from wallpaper to bedding. Homeowners are taking a bold risk of adding more pizzazz to their home décor. While all patterns are going to be more popular this year, floral patterns are the definite winner. Most people prefer the oversized flowers with bright color.


Concrete Accents


One of the newest trends to emerge in Seattle is the use of concrete accents throughout the home. People are using it as toppers for their coffee tables, their kitchen islands, and even the countertops. It can be used in different lighting fixtures to make a real statement in your room. You might even consider using polished concrete flooring as a durable option that will make your room stand out. The possibilities of how concrete can be incorporated into a room are nearly endless.


Black Finishes


In the recent past, white was the primary color that homeowners wanted to use to decorate their homes. The kitchen was particularly susceptible to this trend with many homeowners opting for white cabinets, appliances, and backsplashes. Home décor is starting to take a new turn toward the other side of the color spectrum with black finishes. Homeowners are choosing black cabinetry and black quartz countertops more than ever before. This decorating scheme gives a sleek finish that appears modern and sophisticated.

Are you ready to embrace some of these Seattle home décor trends in your home? Contact Floform to set up a time for your in-home consultation so we can help you find the perfect Seattle quartz countertops!