How to make a small room look bigger

December 15, 2018

How to make a small room look bigger

How to make a small room look bigger

Living in a small space can be a truly wonderful thing.

You save on energy costs, property taxes, rent, and a bunch of other things. In a lot of cases, it’s also good for the environment.

It doesn’t always feel like an upside when you and your guests are feeling cramped inside your home; it can be a bit upsetting!

Fortunately, “feeling cramped” is a very subjective thing, and subjective experiences can be influenced pretty easily by using some classic design tricks to make the space feel bigger.

Unless your guests pull out measuring tape, they’ll never guess how small it actually is and one of the best ways of creating the illusion of space is by using transparent materials for your furniture, including Lucite and glass.

Being able to see through the items makes them seem like they take up less room.

This same logic can also be applied to a small bathroom, in which you might opt to use a clear shower curtain.

Decorating with light colors is incredibly helpful when trying to make a room look bigger. Light colors don’t absorb as much light as darker ones, so they tend to make people feel less crowded.

This rule can apply to the paint you use, the furniture you decorate with, or even the countertops you might install in your kitchen and bathroom.

The furniture you use in your home will have a huge impact on how big room looks.

A good rule is that pieces that occupy a lot of space are actually better in a small space than a number of smaller pieces.

That may seem counterintuitive, but the reasoning is solid: multiple small pieces take more visual processing, so they cause our minds to see the space as cluttered.

Corner couches are particularly well-suited to this task as they free up visual space and physical space by using the oft-neglected corner of the room.

There’s a classic trick to create the illusion of space you’re probably familiar with from dining out: mirrors!

Mirrors are especially useful if you don’t have as many large windows as you’d like as they reflect light nicely, brightening up the room.

They also make it literally look like the room extends past its true ending point: a large mirror can make a room appear much bigger than it actually is.

In the same vein as mirrors, having your furniture face towards a window is a great way of adding space, because you and your guests will be focused on the vastness of the outdoors.

This can be a great opportunity to encourage people to turn away from their screens and towards good conversation.

All of these tricks are handy, but the number one thing to remember when creating space in a small area is to stay organized.

No place looks too big when there are piles of laundry on the floor. Staying organized doesn’t just make your space look bigger: it reduces your stress levels significantly.

Declutter your home, declutter your mind and make space for what matters.