Ideal Surface for Almost Every Bathroom

April 30, 2018

Ideal Surface for Almost Every Bathroom


Designing a new bathroom comes with a unique set of challenges. This room is exposed to far more moisture than most areas of the home, as well as more bacteria. You have to keep both of these things in mind when selecting a countertop for a new bathroom vanity. What surface can hold up under these conditions at an affordable price?


If you spend much time watching home design shows or perusing magazines, you might already know the answer. Quartz countertops tend to be the first choice for a bathroom that is both beautiful and sanitary. This stone easily lends itself to any and every bathroom design, making it one of the ideal surfaces for this part of the home. Find out more about why experts choose quartz when redesigning bathrooms.


Low Maintenance


The bathroom is exposed to a high degree of bacteria, steam, and moisture on a daily basis. All of these things, combined with the daily spills they encounter, require frequent cleaning. Fortunately, quartz countertops are easy to keep sanitary. Simply wipe them down with warm, soapy water on a regular basis. Dry them with a clean towel as you go to keep them looking polished and shiny. You should have very little trouble keeping these countertops looking like new for years to come.




You may spill hair products on the counter, drip a little bit of your makeup, or smear toothpaste along the sink bowl. With other countertop types, such as granite, you could end up with staining that mars the perfect finish of the stone. Avoid all of the potential staining by skipping granite and choosing quartz instead. Quartz is nonporous and doesn’t require the same regular sealing that other countertops do. This saves you money in the long run. Of course, it also saves you the time usually required to keep up with the maintenance of granite.


Resistant to Bacteria


Did you know that microbes and bacteria can travel as far as fifteen feet when you flush the toilet? In most bathrooms, this means that your countertops could be a direct target for this traveling bacteria. Countertops like granite that can absorb the things that cover their surface could make your bathroom less than sanitary. Quartz is ideal because the nonporous surface doesn’t allow the bacteria to sink into the stone itself. You can clean everything perfectly with some antibacterial cleaner to make things as good as new.


Design Options


Quartz has a large selection of styles with endless varieties of color, resins, and even recycled content embedded in the surface. The colors can range from imitations of Carrera marble to deep emerald greens and galaxy blacks. Along with the appearance, you can also find several different lusters, textures, and edge treatments that will perfectly complement your design.


Are you ready to create the perfect bathroom design? Let Floform show you our premium quartz countertop surfaces. With an in-home consultation, our experts will help you select the quartz countertop that is perfect for your bathroom project!