Interior Design Trends in Salt Lake City

July 8, 2018

Interior Design Trends in Salt Lake City


Keeping up with the latest design trends can be an important part of designing or remodeling a new home. Salt Lake City is an area with a robust interior design scheme that the rest of the world views as an example. That means that staying on top of their trends is incredibly important if you want to have a trendy home. What exactly have they been doing with their interior design in Salt Lake City over the course of this year?


Get better acquainted with the interior design trends found in Salt Lake City. Here are just a few of the major trends that all homeowners will want to pay attention to.


Pastel Shades


One of the biggest new trends that are moving through Salt Lake City is the incorporation of fresh new colors into an otherwise drab color palette. For many seasons, homeowners have been more apt to choose greys and whites to color their walls, furniture, and rugs. The major shift is now allowing more homeowners to consider the possibility of pastel shades. While they may still be tinted with a hint of grey, they do allow a bold pop of color to surface in almost every room. Pastel pinks with that slight grey tint are one of the hottest shades sweeping across Salt Lake City.


Black Cabinets


Once upon a time, almost half of all homeowners wanted to choose white cabinets for in their home kitchen. The tide is turning with more and more homeowners selecting black cabinets instead. These give a home a distinctly modern vibe that is sleek and approachable. It takes a lot of finesse to pull off this look, but it can be stunning when done well. You will need a lighter colored quartz countertop, some fantastic lighting, and a metallic backsplash to make the biggest impact with black cabinets.


Natural Elements


In a new twist on modern design, more homeowners are starting to incorporate natural elements into their home once again. This means that you will see more wood grain furniture, wooden countertops, and even plants scattered throughout the home. This makes the space feel earthier and inviting, no matter what the rest of the design scheme looks like.


Colorful Wallpaper


Do you want to make a big statement with your room? One of the easiest ways to do just that is with colorful wallpaper with big patterns. Place this new wallpaper on just one major accent wall inside the home for the most impact. Decorate around it with contrasting colors and other design twists that can help your feature item to clearly stand out in the room.

When it comes to design trends in Salt Lake City, they appear to be ahead of the rest of the country. You can come to Floform when you need custom design Cambria countertops to go with your new modern black cabinets. Our design experts are always ready and waiting to give you an in-home consultation for the perfect quartz countertop!