Into the Woods

August 2, 2016

Into the Woods

Rustic and effortless – that’s what we think of when we look at these subtle and stylish wooden countertops from Heritage Wood. At FLOFORM, we love the idea of countertops that embody both modern finishes and the classic appeal of a simple kitchen. Although country living is what most people associate with wood countertops, Heritage Wood has gone above and beyond typical designs with their products, and brought a contemporary edge to the traditional look.

Heritage Wood Reclaimed

This amazing design shows the versatility of wood, and how you can use your creative vision to stylize each product into exactly the design you’re looking for. We like this design as it almost looks like a typical tile floor, but the chic countertop gives this espresso bar a modern, coffee-shop vibe.



Color is another way Heritage Wood is modernizing their wood countertops. This cool and sleek top perfectly contrasts the crisp white sink, and turns a simple kitchen into a contemporary, cool space. With any product, wood works best if it suits your specific needs, and works with the other elements in your kitchen. So be creative, and give wood a try!



Would you use wood within your kitchen?