Introducing Cambria Matte

May 1, 2017

Introducing Cambria Matte

Cambria is always on the cutting edge of design and trends when it comes to their product and this new matte finish is no exception! This is what Cambria had to say about it.

The stylish matte finish you’ve been waiting for has just arrived with Cambria Matte™. With elegant and silky smooth beauty, the 16 Cambria Matte™ finish designs offer the durability, easy-care convenience, and nonabsorbency of our high gloss surfaces to give you the same incredible performance for life.

This beautiful new matte finish is available in the following 16 designs.

(Left to Right) 1st Row: Annicca, Clareanne, Rose Bay, Queen Anne | 2nd Row: Rosedale, Swanbridge, Carrick, Weybourne | 3rd Row: Brittanicca, Greystone, Ella, Dunmore | 4th Row: Fairbourne, Berwyn, Devon, Newport

What are your thoughts on a matte quartz countertop from Cambria? Would you opt for this finish in your own home?