Islands in the Sun

August 30, 2016

Islands in the Sun

I know you probably wish we’re talking about a tropical getaway, but we’re sticking a little closer to home and discussing the transformative quality of a kitchen island.

This unpronounced kitchen staple has been redesigning the look of spaces for years, and in our opinion, it is a go-to for most well-designed kitchen. Not only does an island provide extra seating and counter space, the architectural wonders center your room and serve as a hub for all the hustle and bustle, typical of any family’s kitchen.
Just like with countertops, there are countless designs and styles one can choose for their kitchen island. The traditional and classic look is welcoming and provides comfort in your kitchen as shown in this classic Cambria island featuring Torquay.
But islands don’t always have to be traditional. This modern kitchen shows you there is a place for this design trend within contemporary kitchens. This sleek and sophisticated design reinvents the look of the island, and maximizes its utility within the kitchen with the added stove and sink.


With any home design elements, you really want to focus on what works in your space, and what truly matches your individual style. What do you think of these kitchen islands?