What is the best kitchen design when you have kids?

November 13, 2018

What is the best kitchen design when you have kids?

What is the best kitchen design when you have kids?

When designing a kitchen, or even deciding where to put things within the space, it’s important to consider how the youngest in the family will interact with it.

They’re shorter, more accident prone, and less careful, but a few clever design choices will make the kitchen an accessible and safe space for everyone.

The layout of your kitchen is an important part of what makes it tick.  Keep the kitchen work triangle in mind, and puts your own flair and aesthetic on display.

As with any good work triangle, you’ll want the refrigerator and the sink closest to the access points of the kitchen, and the stove furthest from access points.

This makes it so that helpful hands can wash dishes and hungry hands can grab a snack while you’re cooking without distracting you. With kids, it serves a double purpose. Children love to run and play, so keeping the stove away from high traffic areas will reduce the chance they’ll knock a pot off the element.

You’ll want your kids to have easy access to what they need in the kitchen.



For a quick snack, you might encourage them to use a microwave at a fairly young age, considering its low risk and skill requirements.

That being the case, you should place your microwave lower than you might otherwise. You don’t want them climbing up onto stools or chairs to microwave something and risk falling over.

You should also make the foods you want your kids to eat the most easily accessible. Healthy snacks should be placed in the lower cabinetry.


floform showroom countertop


On the opposite end of the spectrum, you should place things you don’t want your kids to access far out of reach.

Sharp knives shouldn’t be put into drawers. Instead, opt to use a magnetic strip high out of children’s reach. This has the added benefit of giving you easy access to knives when you need to chop!

Foods that you’d rather your children not access should be put high up, though you might avoid buying such foods altogether if you don’t want them scrambling up the countertops.

Durability should absolutely be a focal point of your kitchen if you have little ones.

You will NOT want porous countertops, so Quartz and Corian Countertops are definitely the way to go. They’re resistant to almost everything and easy to clean.



You should keep your kids in mind when it comes to flooring, too. An easy to clean material like linoleum might be a good choice here, as it’s durable, soft on the feet and customizable.

Your kitchen can be designed with kids in mind without sacrificing an ounce of aesthetic or style. Choose durable materials, put kid-friendly things at eye level, and design the space with children’s foot traffic in mind, and you’ll be good to go!

You can even create a family chore or message board near one of the entrances to convey messages. The possibilities are endless with a bit of creativity and elbow grease!


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