Kitchen Trends from 2018

November 9, 2018

Kitchen Trends from 2018

With 2018 behind us, it’s a good time to look back at some of the trends that prevailed in kitchens this year.

It was one in which home decor started trending away from the cooler. Muted tones of the past few years and moving towards bold, expressive statements.

Gone are the rooms made of fifty shades of grey. In their stead, we have an interesting mix of colors, shapes, and patterns that make your kitchen reflect your personal touch.

The colors of 2018 are bright, bold and beautiful.

We’ve seen a surge of pastels and they can be found on backsplashes, accent walls, and even appliances. They serve well to create a bold contrast to the usual greys and beiges seen in most modern kitchen and immediately catch the eye.

Part of this trend is an eye for the retrofuturism made popular in the 1950s: old appliances, like mint green rounded refrigerators, are making a comeback.

The way we used space changed quite a bit in 2018.

As part of the trend toward personal flair, upper cabinets have been largely replaced by shelving. A lovely way of displaying the dishware and decor you’ve accumulated over the years, and a great way to add interest to the room.

Lower level cabinetry has stayed linear and discrete, but the handles we use for our cabinets and drawers have begun to show bright, contrasting colors.

Another way to add a bit of pizzazz to the kitchen. The space in kitchen islands is being well used with islands on wheels, or even with built-in wine racks.


With a trend towards the dramatic, it’s no surprise that hidden is a quality we’ve seen a lot of in 2018 kitchens.

Not the kitchen itself, thankfully, but what’s inside.

Appliances are often hidden away behind sliding panels, which creates an a-ha! moment for anyone who wanders in wondering where the dishwasher is.

Concealed lighting was another popular trend. Inside cabinets or under the countertop of your island, kitchens began to exude warmth from everywhere, but with no discernable source.

Some trends from 2017 remained. Blue kitchens are still incredibly popular, as is the industrial mixed-metal look. The nice thing about these looks is that it’s possible to incorporate other 2018 design trends with them.

Quartz, Corian and Laminate countertops remain a popular option no matter which kitchen trend you followed in 2018, because of their durability and the variety of patterns and colors they come in.

You can use the countertops as a neutral to a backsplash of pastel colors, or they can add texture and interest to a mostly-blue kitchen.

2018 was all about expressing yourself, and with the wide variety of quartz countertops available, homeowners were bound to find something that called their name.