Modern Kitchen Ideas

April 2, 2018

Modern Kitchen Ideas

A modern kitchen boasts a lot of benefits for brave homeowners who are willing to take a risk with their next design scheme. The clean lines and sleek designs make this room neater and brighter than a traditionally designed kitchen. After an evening of messy cooking, you can even clean a modern kitchen much more easily because of the uncluttered surfaces.



This design theme has become the fourth most popular choice for a kitchen remodel behind contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles. If the appeal of a modern kitchen matches what you had in mind, you’ll want to take a look at some of these modern kitchen ideas for your remodel.


Add pops of bright color


You don’t have to be afraid to add splashes of vibrant color all over your modern kitchen. By keeping the rest of your color palette neutral, your rooms could use a little bit of bright color to prevent a sterile feeling. Add bold bar stools along the kitchen island or a funky throw rug underneath the breakfast table. You might even choose to install brightly colored glass pendant lights.


Go for natural elements


One of the basic aesthetics of modern design is the incorporation of natural elements. You can do the same thing in your kitchen with natural wooden cabinets, a wood countertop, or natural stone countertops. The more natural elements you can bring into the room, the more visually appealing your kitchen is likely to be.


Look for high-shine surfaces


Modern rooms are almost always bright and sunny. You can imitate this look by incorporating high-shine surfaces into your kitchen. Consider adding countertops that reflect lots of natural sunlight, lacquered kitchen cabinets, and gleaming metal lighting. All of these elements combine to reflect more sunlight around your room for a brighter appearance that makes your modern kitchen more inviting.


Pair everything with white


Are you terrible at choosing colors? The good news is that modern design makes coming up with a color palette easier than ever. Most homeowners will opt for bright shades of white on every aspect of their room from the cabinets to the countertops. White is the perfect complement to all of their other features such as lighting and stainless-steel appliances. The color makes the kitchen feel brighter and cleaner at the same time.


Find bright lighting


Every kitchen should be bright enough to allow you to see what you need to do while cooking and baking. Lighting is an important part of making sure that can happen. Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality lighting, even if you have large picture windows or French doors in the area. Pendant lighting with bright LED bulbs is a great choice because it is both budget-friendly and luminous. The industrial chic pendant lights are always a great addition to a modern design, but eclectic fixtures with unique shapes work well also.