Open Concept Kitchens

May 18, 2018

Open Concept Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen remodels, more than half of all homeowners are opting for the trendy and practical open concept floorplan.

According to Houzz’s recent survey for remodels, approximately 51 percent of new kitchens are open to at least one other room.

A large percentage of them are even open to an outdoor living space instead.

The open concept model is obviously continuing to grow in popularity, but why are so many people drawn to this style?

This layout is extremely popular, but some people wonder whether an open concept kitchen is the best way to go. Here are a few of the top reasons why homeowners are opting to tear down a few walls to make their kitchen more accessible.

  • Open concept kitchens make entertainment easier

When you are trying to host a party, you may find yourself running back and forth to the kitchen all night long.

You need another tray of appetizers, a new round of cups, or you forgot to put out an essential ingredient.

The truth is that you may make so many trips to the kitchen that you really miss out on the party itself.

These days are gone when you have an open concept kitchen and without missing a beat, you can still carry on a conversation with your guests while you prepare things in the kitchen.

  • Family time becomes more convenient

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Doesn’t everyone wish they could spend significantly more time with their family?

An open concept kitchen makes it easier for parents to converse with their children from the kitchen while the kids watch television or do homework.

Similarly, a husband and wife can still talk even while one of them reads the newspaper at the dining room table.

You can see and spend time with your family more often when the walls are torn down between your kitchen and the rest of your home.

  • Make your home feel much bigger

Some people feel like each of their main living areas are cramped and small.

With an open concept kitchen, you can create one large room that makes your entire home feel bigger.

You won’t actually be adding square footage to the house, but an open concept kitchen definitely creates the sense that your home is larger than it truly is.

This could be great for resale value later on down the line.

  • Allow natural light to shine

When you break down the walls, you can get more natural light into your new, larger room than you ever could with the old walls up.

Try to take advantage of the ways natural light can influence a large room by adding some sliding glass doors, bigger windows, and other creative options for letting in a little more sunlight.

When you’re ready to start designing your open concept kitchen, know that Floform is here to help you. We will help you choose the best countertop that can really bring your new kitchen to life.

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