Planning Your Quartz Vanity Top

May 15, 2018

Planning Your Quartz Vanity Top

Remodeling your bathroom simply wouldn’t be complete without a quartz vanity top added into the mix. Most homeowners who are planning a major bathroom remodel say that their cabinets and vanity is the second area where they are most likely to splurge after their shower. It can be a timeless and beautiful way to make your bathroom appear far more elegant than ever before. The question is, where can you start when planning for the perfect quartz vanity top?  

You can stop fretting over how to plan for your next bathroom remodel. With this handy guide, you’ll know exactly how to start planning for your quartz vanity top.

Pick the overall color of the quartz

The first major hurdle you will have to face when selecting quartz for your vanity is choosing a color. When designing a bathroom, this can be a little more challenging than ordinary color selection. You must keep in mind that it is a very small room that might not be able to handle extremely dark colors or bright colors. Shopping for a medium to light color that isn’t too overwhelming is usually the best option for a smaller space.

Once you choose the overall color, it is much easier to decide on accent colors. You might be able to include a much darker aggregate in your quartz. Depending on your design, you might want a bold color to shine through in your quartz.

Take home samples

When it comes to shopping for quartz, you need to make sure that it is going to look good in the room. It can look very different in your home than it does under the bright lights of a showroom. Bring home plenty of samples that will give you the best idea of what it looks like on the counter. Take a closer look at it next to your cabinets, the paint colors, your light fixtures, and even your faucets. All of these areas will be in close proximity to your quartz so you want to ensure that it matches all of them.

Look at the quartz in every lighting

Light is an important aspect of selecting the perfect quartz vanity top. Different light bulbs can change the color of the quartz. Ensure that you have your light fixtures outfitted with your ideal lightbulbs before you start to examine your quartz samples. If not, you might need to go purchase a few so you can tell what the real color of the quartz will become. Allow the sample to stay in your bathroom for a full day so that you can see what it looks like in every light. Bathrooms with a lot of natural light definitely need to make sure they take the time to do this.

When you’re ready to install the perfect premium quartz countertop surfaces for your bathroom, it’s time to call Floform. Our in-home consultation will give you all of the choices and advice you need to create a relaxing atmosphere. Be sure to give us a call today!