Playful design: Adding personality to your kitchen

February 3, 2017

Playful design: Adding personality to your kitchen

You want to feel like your home is your own and that it is an extension of yourself and your family.

If you’re wondering just how to make your kitchen represent you and your particular taste, but struggle with understanding just how to pull that off, here are a few tips and tricks that will add your distinct taste into your kitchen.

1. Use your favorite color.

Don’t be afraid to try out different paint colors and see what makes you smile! Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to change the atmosphere of a room. Go even further and paint your cabinetry. Choose a bold color you love and transform your kitchen into something truly unique and all your own.

2. Personal accents.

The best way to make your space your own is to be creative. Add accents that stand out to you and make you happy to be in your kitchen. Do you love architectural details? Add feature tiles or expose a brick wall. The limits are really up to you!

3. Focus on what matters.

Think about how you use your space and make decisions based on YOUR life. Is all your time spent prepping meals, you might want a customized spice drawer or a bar sink in your island. Do you frequently host and end up chatting in the kitchen? You might want to consider a unique design for your island or a countertop design that pushes boundaries.

Whatever you decide, just remember to go with your gut and focus on what matters to you.