Presenting 7 New Designs from Cambria

June 15, 2016

Presenting 7 New Designs from Cambria

We are delighted to introduce seven new designs to Cambria’s already vast collection. Now giving you 133 exquisite choices for your dream kitchen or bath. The new designs will be composed of three additions to the Marble Collection, three to the Coastal Collection, and one new design for the Desert Collection.

As always, we look forward to seeing what innovative designs Cambria will dream up next.

Marble Collection™

Complex and flowing, Swanbridge™ features a pillowy marble foundation, with medium-tone gray veins, dabs of creamy white accents, and pinpoint charcoal speckles scattered throughout.



Presenting a modern spin on smooth concrete, Carrick™ flourishes swirling shades of gray and soft charcoal specks to create an intriguing pattern in this stylish and contemporary composition.



Soft and airy, Weybourne™ is a timeless blend of classic pillowy marble tones grounded with subtle gray veins for added character and intrigue.
Coastal Collection™

Offering a generous measure of sophistication, Helmsley™ is a stunning merger of rich coppers, golds, and tans pirouetting among pewter veins and ebony confetti.



Rich and aristocratic, Harlech™ is an elegant union of noble coppers, golds, and tans infused around and within boldly dramatic gray-sparkled veins of black, gray, and white.



Calling to mind the ceremony and splendor of life at court, Princetown™ cloaks itself in regal shades of deep purple and gold that swirl behind dramatic black and white veins.
Desert Collection™


Modern and sophisticated, Hadley™ is a solid blue as crisp, clean, and classy as the spotless uniforms of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy.