Quartz vs. Granite: Which is Right for You?

July 22, 2016

Quartz vs. Granite: Which is Right for You?

Do you think you’re a granite person? Or do you know quartz is right for you? When it comes to choosing a stone countertop, it can be quite challenging to decide what will best suit your specific needs. 

Granite and quartz are similar in many ways, but they do have some fundamental differences. Let’s break it down to make the choice a little easier for you.

You might be more of a granite type of person if…

  • You crave crave that all natural look. Granite is 100% natural stone.
  • Sealing your countertop regularly isn’t a problem for you.
  • You’re interested in getting a countertop that is completely unique to your kitchen. No slab is ever the same.


You might be more of a quartz type of person if…

  • You’re looking for something low-maintenance that’s easy to clean.
  • You want to know exactly what you’re getting and prefer a more consistent color to go with your décor and color scheme.
  • You’ll be preparing food directly on the countertop surface (Cambria quartz is food safe.)
  • You’d love a countertop that is a little more special and glamorous: quartz countertops are made primarily of natural quartz, which is the hardest non-precious stone that can be found in the earth’s surface.


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