Style Guides: French Country Style

October 1, 2018

Style Guides: French Country Style


There are a wide array of different styles you can choose from when designing your home’s interior.

Many of the styles you’ll encounter today are from the last century. These styles incorporate strong geometric patterns or tightly defined lines. They tend towards minimalism or maximalism, and can often have less of a “cozy” feel compared to more traditional designs.

Comfort never goes out of style, though, and the beautiful, rustic elegance of the French Country style mixes cozy and formal in a unique way that has stood the test of time.

French Country, as the name implies, is a style that reflects the country homes of France. The materials used, as a result, go back to the basics.

The style was based on rural French homes in the 17th century, so plastic is nowhere to be found here. Opt for hardwood floors and cabinets, and add contrast using wrought iron and rust colors.

On the note of colors, you’ll want to pull from the warmer spectrum in your French style home.

Soft yellows, warm pinks, and bright blues all fit well here; imagine a French cottage by the oceanside with a small flower garden out in front, soft grass and a few trees nearby, and you’ll have a good idea of the warm color palette you want.

All of this warmth is contrasted in the rust and metal you’ll use.

For ornamentation, remember that you’re going for a rustic, lived-in feel.

Mason jars filled with old food staples, like wheat, are popular in French Country kitchens, though for children you could opt for something a bit more colorful like bubblegum.

Old signage (think paint on wood street signs) is another great way to add to the quaint feel of the home.

Chandeliers and ornate lighting are a must for the French Country style. You’ll also want to use material that looks lived-in; the style, after all, emulates centuries-old homes, so if your fixtures look like they’ve never been touched, it can really shatter the illusion.

Opt to have your flooring and fixtures done with distressed or imperfect looking finishes.

Antiques will go a long way to supporting the rustic look of your home. Old pottery, vases, and furniture can really sell this style!

Feminine prints like toile and floral patterns will add to the look as well. Remember that the emphasis of the style is on two axes, elegance and comfort.

The customization means you can give the countertop a distressed look, and use colors that aren’t as bold as black on white.

A rusted or iron looking countertop is within your grasp, combined with the durability of quartz, it’s a great choice for your redesign.