Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

July 23, 2018

Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom


Keep the following design ideas and tips in mind as you make plans for your dream bathroom. Find out the best layouts, spa-like features, and soothing color palettes.


Plan Efficient Layout


Even the dreamiest of bathrooms has to handle water lines, plumbing drains, and vent stacks. Generally, bathroom flooring plans fall into 1-, 2- or 3-wet-wall layouts. One-wall layouts line up the toilet, sink, and shower alongside one wall.


Try these Layouts


Two-wall layouts provide more flexibility. The toilet and sink may be plumbed on one wall and shower and tub on the other. Three-wall layouts are the most versatile and additionally the most expensive and complicated. Cooperating with an architect or certified bathroom designer may assist you in avoiding expensive errors and make the best use of bathroom space.


Consider your Sink


Undermount bathroom sinks and integral bathroom sinks make it simple to wipe dirt from the counter into your sink. On the other hand, self-rimming bathroom sinks are the easiest to install and most economical, yet the perimeter lip might collect grime.


Create a Bathroom Lighting Strategy


The most important space for bathroom lighting is your mirror. Ideally you ought to have wall-mount lighting at each side of your mirror at around eye level, with a 3rd light above your mirror. This arrangement will illuminate your face from above and both sides, as well as eliminate shadows.


Make a Bold Statement with your Bathtub


Bathtubs are natural focal points of bathrooms and have a powerful impact upon your decorating style. A freestanding bathtub might rest upon claw-and-ball feet or pedestal base or it might be straight-sided and streamlined like a sculpture piece.


Create a Spa Shower


A luxury shower replicates the spa-resort experience inside a dream bathroom. Plan on various spray heads. A ceiling-mounted rain shower showerhead soaks you from above, whereas a body spray creates a crisscross pattern for water massages. A handheld showerhead allows you to direct the spray for hair washing, rinsing off, or perhaps cleaning out your shower stall.


Cabinetry Purchasing Tips


Like kitchen cabinetry, it’s possible to invest in bathroom cabinetry in stock units or with semicustom solutions or have them custom-made and built. Typically, stock cabinetry is the least expensive and custom built is the most expensive, with costs for each depending upon the accessories, finish, construction, and material.


Develop Mood using Color


Color really has the power to soothe and energize, to calm you down and wake you up. Consider the tone you want to create before choosing your material palette. When you create the color scheme of your bathroom, keep in mind that color will come from more than fabric and wall paint. The shades in the cabinet wood and in the tile or stone you pick for walls and floors play a major part in developing an overall color personality. Even the tub and sink contribute to the color scheme in the bathroom, whether they are designed of dyed concrete, stone, or white porcelain.


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