Top Challenges facing Home Renovators

February 23, 2016

Top Challenges facing Home Renovators

According to a recently released Houzz and Home Canada survey, the top renovation challenges among homeowners in Canada differ largely based on the age range of the renovators.

Not surprisingly, the biggest challenges faced by Millennials and younger Gen Xers is keeping a renovation on budget, and funding/financing the project. Intuitively this makes sense. Those among us that are just starting out or still building our family and careers typically don’t have loads of extra cash to throw against any project.

It can sometimes be difficult to consolidate design and material preferences with the realities of available budget. That said, if you’re keeping an eye on re-sale, a little higher budget upfront will almost certainly provide a positive return on the investment.

At the other end of the spectrum, finding the right service providers and products grows in difficulty as the age range of homeowners increase. While staying on budget is certainly important to Boomers, the larger issues have to do with making sure they get the product they want from a company they trust.

Again this makes sense. As we gain life experience and build our lives, we learn that you really do get what you pay for, and that any project worth doing is worth doing right. Why put up with the hassle if its not for something you really want anyway?

At FLOFORM, we recognize these challenges. That’s one of the reasons why we book in-home consultations with potential customers to discuss the specifics of that renovation. No two people are the same just like no two projects are the same. Getting to know our customers, their preferences and their budgets up front and in the home allow us to customize our recommendations and suggestions to that job.

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