Trendy Ideas for Your Next Bathroom

June 11, 2018

Trendy Ideas for Your Next Bathroom


Bathrooms are becoming one of the most popular areas of the home to expand and remodel. Homeowners are looking for more space than ever before, pushing the limits of what used to be possible in their small and cramped spaces. Now, this room is becoming more serene and spa-like with every finishing touch. It’s time for you to start putting together a few ideas for your own upcoming remodel.


If you’re trying to figure out what might be trendy for your own bathroom project, look no further. These stylish tips and tricks will have you feeling instantly more relaxed when your new project is officially finished.


Walk-in Statement Showers


The biggest feature that homeowners are willing to spend money on right now is the shower. It takes up the most space in the entire room, so it makes sense that the shower should be a focal point for your design. Many people are even removing their tub to make room for a trendy statement shower instead. However, it isn’t going to be enough for you to simply enjoy your walk-in shower with some plexiglass walls. You need to make a much bigger statement than this with your design.


Consider walling your shower with thin slices of quartz to match the vanity and other elements in the room. This creates a sense of unity with the design of the room, allowing it to flow more gracefully. Not to mention, the appearance of quartz on your walls gives your bathroom a very high-end appearance that you will adore.


Marble Floors


Do you want to take your bathroom design to the next level? Modern and contemporary spaces will work well with the beautiful sophistication of marble flooring. The white floors with grey veining can perfectly complement some dark grey quartz countertops for the vanity. Keep everything else in the room simple and clean to allow these two elements to have the maximum impact on the design of the room.


Elevated Sinks


Another trendy design feature in many of the more modern spaces is an elevated sink. Instead of being nestled into the countertop like they are in many traditional homes, these bowls are situated right on top. Look for square shapes in oversized designs to really emphasize the way these bright white bowls will look atop your quartz countertops.


Pendant Lighting


Add a fun element to your trendy bathroom with some pendant lighting instead of the traditional vanity lights. You can swap out the globes for colorful options in the future or stick with clear bubbled glass. Either way, you get a unique feature that really draws attention to itself and continues to highlight the beauty of your vanity area.


Making a plan for the overall design of a new bathroom can be a difficult process. Some of these trendy ideas might get you thinking about what you really want from the entire design of your new room. Don’t forget to consider top choices like the premium Cambria quartz that are perfect for bathroom remodels. Contact Floform today for more information on how we can help you with a new bathroom!