Waterfall Edges for Kitchen Countertops and Islands

July 31, 2018

Waterfall Edges for Kitchen Countertops and Islands

Are you a home décor or HGTV fan?

If so, then you probably know that waterfall edges for countertops is now popular, and an increasing amount of homeowners are becoming intrigued by this premium detail.

We are thrilled to provide this increasingly trending finish to our clientele because of its amazing visual appeal.

What should you know about these types of countertops?

They received their name because materials “flow” directly over the edges, and create a vertical expanse of natural quartz, stone, or Corian, directly to the floor. The appearance is most desired by contemporary and modern design fans, even though traditionalists may also benefit.

Besides its “stunning” factor, such countertops are a savvy method of hiding appliance storage areas, keeping tucked-away outlets less noticeable or transition the area between the bar or island countertop and stool edges.

As you might imagine, additional material will mean an “additional” price tag. But, the luxury appeal, along with professional craftsmanship, yields an end product that is worth the money.

Quartz and natural stone are the perfect media for edges

As this waterfall effect really is simply an extra slab, installed upon its edge then installed onto the horizontal edge and cabinet box, it’ll make sense that the best application medium be a stone product like quartz or granite.

Additional solid surfaces, such as marble or Corian, also are an option.

But, as far as longevity is concerned, we think quartz is your best bet here. It is pore and fissure-free and a super-strong material.

Expertise and quality of installation will matter

As expert kitchen builders and designers, we think expertise and quality craftsmanship always should matter. But, we definitely think that experience will matter more for specific installations – and edges include one of them.

The precision that is needed for the cuts, making sure that the vertical and horizontal edges correctly match up, and preserve the integrity of the slab that is being utilized, is something you only will receive from a skilled professional who is well-known for their perfectionism, as well as attention to detail.

If you are going to spend the additional funds to enjoy this kitchen design detail level, you do not want to waste it on poor installation. At best, you will end up with a feature that’s flawed, at worst you will need to pay to have the entire thing redone.

How much will the waterfall edge countertop cost?

There isn’t any clear answer to that question because the overall price depends on variable details like size of the installation, materials, and other details.

Remember that you are paying for two extra slabs, which requires more labor. In addition, the thickness of the island edges also matter, as thick mitered edges are going to cost more than standard edges.

For more information on waterfall edges for kitchen countertops and islands contact one of our 15 locations for the best quality quartz countertops business!


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