07 Dec Creating Counter Space in a Small Kitchen

Using your window sills as storage is a great way of creating space; you can even put some of your non-perishable items in masons jars so that the window sill doubles as a decorative space. You can also grow herb gardens on your windowsill, saving you trips to the grocery store.

There may be space between the top of your cabinet and your ceiling; that space is perfect for storing the things you use only infrequently. If you have enough space, you might even be able to fit rarely used cooking appliances up there. In a similar vein, you can use the top of the control panel for your stove for small items.

There’s a variety of storage options for sale that you should take advantage of. Shelf-stackers and under-shelf baskets for your cupboards can add a lot of space to your kitchen; you can also opt to install pegboards on your cupboard doors. You can also opt to add shelving on your walls; these shelves can double as a decorative way to display your best wares.

You might find you have some space in your kitchen that isn’t quite suited for any of the above storage options; empty space that’s in a non-traditional shape, created by weird angles from cupboards and other countertops. When this happens, never fear; custom designed kitchen countertops are available to fit any shape and size, so you can create storage options that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

These storage options will give you the ability to live the best of both worlds; a tiny space that economizes on natural resources and energy while still accommodating your needs. Many of these practical kitchen storage solutions can be equally applied to other areas in your house, including your bathroom. You can also look at IKEA for a variety of space saving options; the Raskog cart by IKEA is an excellent storage option that this blog writer has used to great success.

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