30 Jun Happy Birthday Canada!

Canada is turning 150 this year. And here at FLOFORM we couldn’t be happier. After all, we’ve known Canada since she was 93 years old. Back in 1961, we opened our first location at he corner of St. Mary’s and Oustic Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This 7,000 square foot facility is where it all started for FLOFORM.



And for the next 56 years (and counting), a lot of things have changed. Canada has had it share of ups and downs. In fact, Canada’s story is a lot less boring than you think it is.

Here at FLOFORM we’ve expanded all the way to the west coast and into the northwest of the United States. But we always remember that our roots are planted firmly in the Canadian Prairies.

From all of us here at FLOFORM, Happy 150th Birthday Canada!


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