29 Nov Low-Cost Renovation Tips

Home renovation is getting expensive. There’s a wide variety of factors that have caused this cost to skyrocket, but at the end of the day, it means that a nicely renovated kitchen or bathroom can be more expensive than some homeowners want to engage in. This can be tricky, because the desire to renovate your home – to make it a place that feels like home, to add convenience, comfort, and style to the place where you spend most of your time – it’s not one you can simply put aside. Fortunately, there’s a variety of ways you can make your remodel a bit less expensive; with a little elbow grease and innovation, you can have your dream home for less.

One of the biggest costs in home renovation is contracting, which means you can save costs by doing things yourself. An interior or exterior paint job can usually be done with relatively little expense if you’re willing to get some rollers and paint trays out of the garage on a long-weekend; better yet if you can coax some friends to help out with beer and pizza. A coat of paint on the exterior and a flashy door can seriously increase the value of your home, both to you and prospective buyers. Other renovations, like changing the hardware on cabinets or changing your faucets, can be done by almost anyone after a quick YouTube tutorial. There’s one caveat, though: if you really don’t know what you’re doing, and you attempt to, say, install a new toilet, you might end up paying quite a bit for any mistakes you make. Better safe than sorry; hire a professional if you’re unsure.

While some things are better to buy new, you can find a lot at recycled goods vendors. Places like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore will sell you beautiful fixtures for much less than a traditional store; it’s also better for the environment, and you’re helping charity. It’s an equally good idea to look for mistint paint; these are cans of paint someone bought that were the wrong colour. Just because it wasn’t what they were looking for, doesn’t mean it won’t suit your needs; you can find some truly stunning colours that are labelled mistint, and you’ll get them at a deep discount.

The final way to save money is to plan everything out ahead. When there are labour hours on the line, the more efficiently everything gets done, the better. Set yourself a budget, and don’t go over it; include all the important things you’ll need in your budget.  Don’t do a complete makeover of your house all at once; it’s time-consuming, stressful, and will often lead to more costs down the line. Shop around for contractors; get several estimates for the projects you need to do, and pick the contractor with the best reputation and lowest costs (find a good balance between the two).

No matter what your kitchen renovation project is, there are Portland kitchen countertops designed to fit your needs and your budget. Always remember that for some things, like new flooring or countertops, it’s often best to put a bit more money in so they’ll last longer; buying shoddy materials will just mean a new renovation a few years down the line.

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