The Perfect Fit Process

It all begins with your inspiration. And it ends with the perfect fit. Our skilled craftspeople have been helping homeowners select, fabricate and install kitchen countertops for more than 50 years. Here’s how it works.

01. Plan

There’s a lot to think about when designing a custom kitchen. But with a little upfront planning and a little help from FLOFORM, your renovation can be simpler and a lot more fun. We take the guesswork out of creating a custom kitchen, so you can relax and enjoy the process.

10 Tips for First-Time Kitchen Renovators

  • 1. Research ideas and inspiration for your project.
  • 2. Determine your budget.
  • 3. Use only licensed and insured contractors like FLOFORM.
  • 4. Get it all in writing.
  • 5. Plan the total look.
  • 6. Explore how lighting impacts your design choices.
  • 7. Know the functional pros and cons of different materials.
  • 8. Consider resale value.
  • 9. Find a source of feedback and trusted advice before you begin.
  • 10. Be bold and pick what you love.

Download our FREE planning kit for tips and tools for planning your renovation.

02. Measure

No wall is perfectly flat or smooth. That's why accurate measurement is the critical first step in creating your new countertops. Our trained experts will come to your home and use the latest digital technology to create a precise digital template that ensures a seamless fit.

03. Fabricate

We use a two-step system when creating your countertops. First, state-of-the-art machines cut and polish your surface with the digital template as a guide. Second, skilled craftspeople polish the edges to your specifications. This produces a high standard of quality that you will see and feel.

04. Install

An experienced FLOFORM installation team will manage every detail of your installation, working with you to get the beautiful results you expect. We’ve been known for our exceptional customer service for more than 50 years.