FLOFORM Countertops: focusing on what matters to serve you

September 21, 2021

FLOFORM Countertops: focusing on what matters to serve you
The first FLOFORM Countertops location opens on the corner of St. Mary’s and Oustic Avenue. Seven skilled craftsmen work in the 7,000-square-foot facility.


At FLOFORM, there have always been three pillars key to who we are: meaningful relationships, premium products and exceptional customer service.

Now in our 60th year, these are the core principles we live by across our organization – and that means among our over 700 employees in all 16 retail locations and eight fabrication facilities across western Canada and the northwest U.S.

When the Dyck family tore down their original homestead in rural Manitoba and built a new one from the wood they salvaged, the only new addition was an Arborite countertop.

Frank Dyck


Harry Dyck


John Dyck


For more than a decade, the three brothers, Harry, Frank and John watched their beloved mother fall in love with the key feature of the new kitchen.

After growing up watching her prepare meals on a simple, painted plywood countertop, they grew to truly understand the difference a quality, well-made and dependable countertop could make.

The trio took that first-hand knowledge and made a life-changing decision – in 1961, they added countertops to their already successful cabinet and construction business.

This choice was the foundation of what would become one of the foremost pioneering companies in the post-form laminate countertop industry – you guessed it, FLOFORM.

Fast forward to the 1980s, when FLOFORM had been going above and beyond for 20-plus years helping customers customize their spaces and environmentally-conscious products were growing in popularity.

Committed to providing socially responsible options, the Dycks sourced an environmentally friendly glue and began using it to produce more than 20,000 countertops.

Unfortunately, the product was found to be defective and after 12 to 18 months, the laminate started peeling away from the core of the countertops.

This was yet another turning point for the brothers – and the company. It was a defining moment for the key pillars FLOFORM was built on. The financial and reputational impact of the problem was catastrophic – so devastating, in fact, that the Dycks were advised to declare bankruptcy. But, living their values, they refused.

Their commitment to their customers, which was rooted in hard work and a simple desire for their mom to have a nice countertop, meant going through many lean years to ensure that they continued to honor the type of company they wanted to be. It took a while, but the company made over 30,000 service calls to fix or replace the faulty countertops.

And that is who FLOFORM is. A company that will go to extraordinary lengths for our customers. We ensure we align ourselves with premium products. And, we build meaningful relationships.

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