Which kitchen sink is right for you?

June 28, 2016

Which kitchen sink is right for you?

From washing dishes to prepping food, your sink will see a lot of action.
 So when it’s time to select your sink, here are some things to consider:


Drop-in and under-mount are two of the most popular choices. Drop-in sinks sit on top
of the counter and are less expensive to install, but tougher to keep clean.

sinks sit under the countertop providing a clean and modern look.

Apron or farmhouse
sinks have an exposed panel in the front that is merely a design preference versus a
functional choice.



1, 2 OR 3 BOWLS

Think about how you use your sink. Do you want a separate area for food prep? One side
for washing the other for drying? Or do you want a larger area to fit your biggest pot?



KOHLER sinks are made of shiny stainless steel or colorful enamel on cast iron. Stainless
sinks can give a contemporary look with sleek lines.

Enamel cast iron sinks come in
multiple colors and designs and are very durable. As a result, they are also heavier which
requires additional supports.



While it seems obvious, fit the sink to your space. Round sinks can be dramatic, but provide less usable workspace. Large sinks can be more functional but may require a larger cabinet.



Decide if you want your sink to be a focal point or play a functional role. If contrast fits
your style, look at cast iron or enamel sinks that come in a variety of colors.
There are few items in your home that are used as frequently as a sink. With the many options available, tell us which type of sink you would choose for your kitchen!