23 Dec Some Notes on Laminate

There’s a lot of cheap things that get a bad reputation in this world that are actually kind of okay. Take Taco Bell, for example; yes, they appropriated Mexican culture (including some particularly insensitive 90s commercials with a chihuahua), and yes, when you eat too much of their food it can make your belly upset, but, let’s be honest, when you’re walking home drunk, there’s no better food than Taco Bell. Laminate is the Taco Bell of building solutions; it might be cheap, and it might not be very substantial, but it’s great at what it does.

Let’s get the disadvantages of laminate out of the way. Laminate and water do not play nicely together; in fact, when water gets under the seams of laminate, it can lift the material up, rendering it unsightly and weak. It’s not impact resistant, it can wear down pretty easily, and it doesn’t do particularly well in high heat. That means you’ve got to be pretty careful with your laminate, and you want to make sure it’s well installed so the seams are barely there. All of the above make a solid argument against laminate, but here’s an argument I don’t buy: that laminate is bad because it’s cheap.

Laminate is good because it’s cheap; it’s inexpensive and man-made. It can come in a ton of different colours and patterns because the manufacturers have so much influence on how the laminate looks. Yes, you’ll probably have to replace your laminate on the regular, and repairing laminate flooring yourself takes quite a few steps, but when you’re a bit short on cash and you want some good looking floors or countertops, laminate is here to save the day. The moisture problems with laminate are also a bit overstated; if you’re careful not to get any water in the seams, and you clean off water quickly, you should be fine! Laminate is also scratch resistant, which can make it a more durable option than some people expect. Moreover, laminate is really easy to maintain; a substance like wood needs to be treated with utmost care and resealed, while laminate doesn’t care if you only wipe it down once a month. Obviously, you should probably wipe it down more often, or food particles and bacteria will build up, but if you’re a bit lazy it won’t be the end of the world.

You can get laminate to look like the finest materials; like Taco Bell, it will be an approximation, but also like Taco Bell, it can still look great and satisfy your craving – that is, if what you’re craving is something that looks like wood flooring or stone countertops. We do not recommend you try to eat the laminate.

So don’t hesitate to put laminate in your house; the haters will hate, but your house will look great. That said, if you decide “Hey, laminate isn’t for me, I want the authentic experience”, then we have quartz and wood countertops available too; find your Portland kitchen countertops with us at FloForm, and you’ll have a great experience no matter what you choose!

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