Are Quartz Countertops right for your Kitchen?

December 9, 2022

Are Quartz Countertops right for your Kitchen?

What exactly are Quartz Countertops?

The name of “Quartz” originates from its main ingredient, raw quartz crystalline mineral, which is the hardest non-precious stone on earth. However, although it is made from natural stone, it is not a natural product. Instead, Quartz is an engineered stone that boasts twice the strength of granite. Moreover, it is non-porous, making it a highly durable and long-lasting countertop surface.


How is Quartz Made?


Most Quartz countertops are composed of 90-93% raw quartz combined with resin and pigment. Firstly, the quartz minerals are mined and then transported to the manufacturing plant. Once there, the minerals are broken down to various sizes, ranging from fine sands to small pebbles.

Afterward, the mixture of minerals, binding agents, and pigment is poured into a slab mold. The next step involves vibrating and pressing down on the materials to construct the quartz slab.

The Benefits of Quartz Countertops:

To summarize the benefits of quartz countertops for your reading pleasure, here are our favorite takeaways in an easy-on-the-eye bullet list. Which one appeals to you the most?

  • Quartz is tough, therefore extremely hard and durable
  • Free of fissures, cracks, and surface inconsistencies
  • Offers a wide variety of colors and marble-like designs
  • Available in white and solid colors
  • Nonporous and does not need to be sealed
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria
  • Easy to care for and very stain resistant
  • Has several application types
  • Has great resale value


Quartz Countertops in a Kitchen

Every household is different, and whether Quartz Countertops is right for yours depends on how you use your kitchen. Keep both practicality and your style in mind, or whichever is the most important to you. Here are some things to consider:

1. How often do you cook? How many cooks in the kitchen? What types of foods and tools do you cook with?

Quartz countertops are great for kitchens that see a lot of foot traffic and cooking action. Additionally, they can stand up to oil splatters from the deep fryer and the forgotten wine rings from last night’s dinner with friends. Thanks to their non-porous surface, the liquid won’t penetrate them, which means wine and oil will wipe up clean with warm water and mild soap. Moreover, being non-porous eliminates the need for sealing ever.

Quartz countertops are non-porous

2. Are you looking for a subtle design, some pattern… or are you looking for a statement piece that is unique and striking?

Several manufacturers, such as Hanstone or Silestone, offer their own brand of Quartz countertops. As a result, you have hundreds and hundreds of colors and pattern options to choose from! From subtle choices to striking ones, and everything in between. However, unlike natural granite or marble slabs cut straight from the earth, this engineered stone does not ring the same “one-of-a-kind” bell.

Hanstone Quartz Countertops in Kitchen

3. If my kitchen needs a seam (or more), can I live with it?

Like most countertop products, Quartz countertops are not a seamless product. In fact, slab sizes vary depending on the color and brand. Large kitchen islands are a hot item, and for some homeowners, the news of needing a seam might not be too pleasing. Ultimately, the decision of whether a seam is needed rests with the countertop fabricator, and this determination is made after final measurements are taken. If the idea of a seam is an absolute deal-breaker for you, it’s time to consider a backup plan, just in case your island size turns out to be too large.

Still Undecided?

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