Guest Blog: Make Your Kitchen Remodel Worth It

August 28, 2017

Guest Blog: Make Your Kitchen Remodel Worth It

We’d like to start by introducing to you our latest guest blogger Sarah Jones from the The DIY Hammer . Sarah has always known that home improvement would prove to be a challenge. Luckily, she started The DIY Hammer and can now share her knowledge about DIY projects for anyone who wants to learn more about it. Now let’s get started.

Things That Will Make Your Kitchen Remodel Worth It

A kitchen remodel is no small task, but the return on investment can be impressive.  Functional, well-lit kitchens can sell a house.  Family and friends often gather to eat, drink and socialize in this important room in the house.  The materials and appliances you choose for your remodel are extremely important and valuable to your lifestyle. Flooring, lighting, appliances, cabinetry and countertops can all make a statement as well as improve the flow of your home.

Light the Way

Kitchen areas need to be well lit because of all the activities that happen here. Lighting provides the ambiance for the kitchen. Many people like the look of recessed lighting, while some prefer track lighting. Sconces and lighting that focuses on the counter areas can help people see their food and ingredients much better. Lights can come in various shapes, sizes, and colours to suit your taste and kitchen design.  They are a key element to any kitchen remodel and need to be included in the budget.

Pleasing Countertops

Counters are a must for any kitchen remodel.  They provide a huge bang for your buck and are one of the most visually appealing materials you can choose for your new kitchen. Some of the top materials include Quartz, Solid Surface and Wood. These materials come in many different designs and colours, which can match any colour cabinets and flooring.  For the budget cautie, Most kitchens steer towards neutral colours which are both pleasing to the eye and potential buyers.  Stunning countertops not only make a space functional, but they also add a touch of beauty too.

 Cabinetry for Days

Cabinetry also makes quite the statement.  You can choose drawers or doors for lower cabinets, and many kitchens now have the option for glass doors on the upper cabinets.  Colour and quality are two main factors in choosing cabinets.  Cherry, walnut, espresso, oak, or white are common choices.  No one wants particle board cabinets!  Quality cabinets will last for years and are a sound investment.  Try some with soft-close doors to avoid the slamming sound and to prevent further wear and tear.

Appliances Fit for You

What is right about kitchen remodels is that you have a lot of different options to fit any space and budget.  Appliances are no exception.  Today, tons of different models can do the basics like keep your food cold or be technologically advanced and tell you what temperature your refrigerator is!  Appliances come in three different colours- white, stainless steel, or black.  Some appliances have high reviews, and more durable compared to the other models.  Choose appliances that suit your needs and budget and don’t worry about all the fancy extras.

Many Choices, One Result

Kitchen remodels can change the way your home operates.  It can add space and functionality to what was once a worn-down, cramped area.  Choose right materials that will increase the value of your house and make for one happy family.  Countertops are an essential element in your choices.  They receive a lot of wear and tear, so quality as well as ease of cleanliness, are necessary.  Marble or granite is a popular choice for stone countertops for a good reason.  These beautiful items are long lasting and add a stunning factor to your kitchen.  They are one of the first things family and friends will see as they walk into your new kitchen and you get to enjoy the functionality of them daily.


Sarah Jones