How to Prepare for Installing and Replacing Countertops

April 3, 2019

How to Prepare for Installing and Replacing Countertops

Replacing Countertops?

5 tips for preparing yourself, and your kitchen, for that special day when we’ll come to install new countertops in your home:

  1. Drape or cover areas nearby so that dust is contained in the construction area – countertop installation can be messy! But don’t worry because our highly-trained service crew will leave your kitchen in broom-swept condition before leaving.
  2. Open a window to increase the airflow into the kitchen. Chemicals and glues are often used in the installation process and have a strong odor (but are not a health concern with an open window).
  3. Clear your countertops completely and move all appliances (including large pieces such as refrigerators) out of the way.
  4. Have any currently existing fixtures disconnected and removed prior to our service crew’s arrival so that the installation process is efficient. FLOFORM can remove and reinstall plumbing in addition to the countertops (just be sure to confirm this ahead of time, when booking your installation).
  5. Make sure a decision-maker over the age of 18 is in the house during the entire installation (which will usually take just three to four hours).


At FLOFORM, we work to make the installation process as straightforward as possible for you.


For a brief look at our installation process, check out our video below!

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